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Social Networking Content

The rising influence of social networking media promises to become a dominant force for the next decade. No other media can create awareness and interest about new products and offerings with such immediacy. And the best part: it’s totally FREE.

If your company doesn’t at least have a Facebook fan page, it’s time to get one. Company fan pages are going up everyday. ┬áMany business owners start Facebook pages, but very few have the time or energy to keep them up – not without some outside help. Rely on CopyStratic. We can create, write and post a fan page in the same afternoon. Even better, we’ll manage it for you. Supplying your fan page with offerings, promotions, and other information excites viewers and drives them to your home page.

Clip 1
Industry: non-profit animal rescue group
Location: McKinney, TX
Role: Social Media Manager
Project: Created original group and fan page, wrote copy for NTCR for the purposes of creating brand awareness and building group membership. Also generated and moderated fan page topics.

See a live version of the NTCR fan page

Clip 2
Industry: Faith-based publishing
Location: Kirkland, WA
Role: Social Media Manager
Project: Created fan page and wrote copy to create brand awareness and stimulate interest for the company’s flagship product: The Show and Tell Bible, an illustrated children’s bible available on DVD. Fan page includes promotions, offerings, new product updates and sample clips from the DVD series.