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5 Easy Tips For Quick Copyediting

Instead of doing a full re-write, try these quick and easy tips for improving your copy. The goal here isn’t to rework content but to streamline what’s already there by making it easier to read. Read full article.

Common Mistakes in Writing SEO Press Releases (And How to Fix Them)

Thousands of press releases are distributed daily. Many will never see the light of day in spite of the writer’s best efforts. You can get ahead of the game and achieve greater search engine visibility (SEV) by avoiding these common mistakes occurring more and more. Full article

Breaking Into Copywriting – Advice to College Students

Okay, kid. Roll up your sleeves, fire up that pot of Joe, and get those fingers warmed up. Let’s get writing. Oh, before I say more, here’s my best advice for those thinking about freelancing right out of college: don’t… Full article

SEO Writers – Increase Your Business by Offering PPC

Consultants and copywriters offering SEO as a stand-alone service would be wise to lift a couple pages from the SEM playbook. Otherwise, they risk selling themselves short. Full article

Create Advertising Dollars by Using Newspaper SEO to Improve Ranking

Struggling newspapers can lure more advertising dollars without shedding a nickle by using Newspaper SEO. In doing so, small-to-medium sized daily newspapers increase their ranking among search engines, which translates into increased exposure and greater interest from advertisers. It works this way… Full article

Ghostwriting Rates – Avoid the Client-Turned-Casper

Ghostwriting is a great way to earn money, while expanding your knowledge and expertise. But, this type of work is not without its pitfalls. If someone contacts you about a ghostwriting project, be upfront about your ghostwriting rates. In doing so, you will save yourself the time and aggravation of a client-turned-Casper. Full article.

Recession-Proof Your Copywriting Business

Two years ago, full-time and freelance copywriters could live in peace knowing they inhabited separate worlds. But with the glut of new layoffs, those worlds are colliding. Ex-full-timers are now competing with freelancers for a slice of the ever-shrinking cheese wheel. Full article