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CopyStratic’s New Look

Yes, we’re finally live with CopyStratic 2.0. It’s taken several months getting just-the-right design and creating just-the-write content. But before we get too carried away, there are some people who need thanking.

  • Node Thirty Three. Love the design. So easy to customize. WP plugins work seamlessly. Can’t say thank you enough.
  • Stu Nichols. The CSS-only menu madman. Totally awesome menu drop downs, fly-outs, horizontal, vertical, basic or complex. You want it, he’s got it. Check him out.
  • Copyblogger. Never knew how to blog before reading Brian Clark’s sensational site. Very inspiring, educational and interesting. This guy is the source.
  • Jennifer Mattern. Best advice on freelance copywriting ever. Helpful, useful, practical. Thank you, Jenn!
  • Janice Leavins (our team). With a sharp eye for layout and content, her overview and eagle-eye proofreading skills stop my goofs and type-o’s in their tracks. All Hail,┬áthe Copy Chief!
  • WordPress. O mighty CMS. You know why everyone likes you, don’t you? Well, we Love you…

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