"Take your Content To New Heights"


Title: “Must Come Down”

Story format: screenplay

Synopsis: A hapless psychiatrist, late 30s, learns some important lessons about himself after helping an accident victim truck driver overcome a syndrome that turns the truck driver into the “reincarnated soul” of famed English scientist Sir Isaac Newton. After getting some help from a retired physics professor and a high school textbook, the psychiatrist manages to “physics” the truck driver back to his original life, or tries to. But in the end, the one who really ends up changed is the psych.

Page count: 119

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Title: “Matt Four”

Story format: screenplay

Synopsis: After learning about his wife’s infidelity, a young Mexican auto mechanic, remembering the words of Jesus, works to forgive his wife and beat back the enemy with the sword of the Spirit, which works to free his mind, lifts he and his family out of poverty, and set off a string of positive occurrences that changes not only his life but also the lives of others.

Page count: 118

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Title: “Pago, I Am Here”

Story format: short story

Synopsis: A science fiction adventure short story about a humanoid boy finding his way on Earth. Geared to youth readers. Read Pago, I Am Here.