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Article Writing

Before Copystratic was involved in the wranglings of email writing, catalog writing, SEO and html coding, we were neck-deep in the mad-cap realm of newspaper reporting: regional reporting, cops-and-robbers stories, drug bust stories, crazy-ole-codger-living-the-woods stories, megalomaniac land developer stories, the boom-and-bust realm of commercial real estate — news, news, news. Every day. All day.

Lasted about five years before we were rescued by a friend at hotels.com, who needed freelancers to write descriptions for hotel properties. That changed everything.

This section contains a very brief sample of work published years ago at newspapers and magazines based mainly in North Texas and southern Oklahoma. We still get a kick out of reading this stuff. Newspaper writing: it’s probably the best place to earn your chops as a professional writer. The pay stinks, but what you lack in compensation you make up for in experience — and man! there sure were a lot of them.

When we get a chance, we kick our writing skills into high gear: hot air balloons, helicopter rides, train trips, equally adoring our adventures in national parks and hometowns with quaint little shops and afternoon tea. Travel writing — whether for agencies or cities, there’s nothing like a travel tour. We’ve done it full-time and part-time, whatever our schedule allows. We love meeting our clients and exploring their charming locales.

So, please have a look. Who knows? You might like it, too…