"Take your Content To New Heights"


What does “CopyStratic” stand for?

It’s short-hand for what we do: Strategic Copywriting.

What does “Strategic Copywriting” Mean, Exactly?

Writing with a plan. Copy with purpose. Content with a long shelf-life. Ideas that stick. Anyone can toss some words on a page. Strategic Copywriting, instead, creates an actionable plan for achieving results. When we first started, most of our assignments involved refreshing or reworking outdated copy. Often, we saw there was no plan, and consequentially, the client ended up burning through cash and time. So now, we take responsibility for all of it. The writing. The process behind it. We structure the project for the client as needed.

Paper airplanes in header? Does that mean you have your head in the clouds?

CopyStratic is creative, yes. We’re an idea generator, yes. Yet everything we do is based a strong foundation of word-crafting and proven methodologies gained through years of practice and patience.

How much do you charge?

Depends on your project needs. Send us an email detailing your project, and we’ll give you a quote.

Are you familiar with my industry/business?

Our main industries include retail, department stores, e-commerce, travel, food service, specialty shops, IT software, and telecom. We’ve worked for Fortune 500 corporations, small to medium business, and shops and boutiques. See our Client List.

How quickly can you deliever?

We offer next day turnaround for clients who are up against the clock. With a background in breaking news reporting and business proposal writing, we have the drive and tenacity to create sharp, readable content quickly that’s clean, clear and crisp, exactly when you need it.

Can you put me on Page One of Google?

It really depends on your product, industry and location. If you’re promoting a snowcone stand in Fairbanks, Alaska, odds are you’re already on page one. If, say you’re a realtor and promoting real estate services in Dallas or Altanta, GA, then yes, the competition will be high. We keep current on SEO news, training and advice columns. We’re not SEO consultants, but we know how to separate myth and fact to get you the results you need at a fraction of the cost.

Do you do anything besides write?

Well, yes.  Though it is our favorite thing to do at home or on the road.  Combining what we love best: travel and writing, we launched hiptravelblog in 2009 while working from the road.  The travel tour was a great success and huge adventure, covering the Wild West. We explore, we mentor, we make friends just about everywhere we go.