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About Us

There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, when saying you were a “copywriter” was enough to get assignments. But things change. Companies change. Economies change. Needs change. And to keep with demand, we’ve changed.

We’re now pleased to offer CopyStratic as a full-service, turnkey writing solution for all your content and content distribution needs. We service long-term content needs, such as your home page or other landing pages. We also service short term needs,  such as social media content, blogs, twitter updates, and other instant media that changes daily.

An in-depth look at our services:

Websites through WordPress CMS. Like our web site? We can do one that you update and manage yourself. No more middleman. We simply customize an existing template; add links, graphics, images and keyword-rich content; install web analytics tools, and you’re done. Sure, you can do it all yourself, but what if you need a web site ASAP? We build your site, hand you the keys, give you a quick tutorial, and off you go. It’s a real time-saver. One flat rate, and no hidden fees.

PPC ad writing. Have a new product offering? Paid search is one of the fastest, more effective ways to tell people about it. We research the keywords, write and post the ads, track each ad’s performance, and manage change when needed.

SEO. Boost your visibility by appearing “above the fold” on Google, Yahoo, MSN. If you have the ambition, we have the time, the research skills, and ability that brings it all together.

Social Media. Facebook fan pages are among the most affordable ways to connect with new customers and generate interest about new products. Many companies set up fan pages, but few of them have the time to see them through. We do it all for you.

Re-writes. We take lifeless, outdated or incomplete messaging, add some “writer magic” and transform your content into something informative, fun and engaging. Our content scores high with readers and search engines.

Article marketing. Don’t get lured by the “pan flute” of article spinning software. These guys are good salesmen, but Google still prefers articles written by people. We write and distribute articles and press releases by hand, the way that shows results.

Now, you may need one, some, or all-of-the-above. The only way to know is by contacting us. We’re excellent listeners and practiced in giving you exactly what you need.

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