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5 tips to boost traffic to your law firm’s web site

Legal clients have always been my favorite to work with in the area of professional services. The reason is simple: that usually know what they want. Also, most of them are capable writers, so they’re fairly quick about getting back to you about omissions, additions and other changes (when needed).

Most of their questions tend to be the same: My firm is offering a new service, and I want everyone to know about it. How do I get on page 1 Google?

Ten years ago, there was a two-word answer: SEO copywriting.

Now, effective SEO encompasses just about everything you can think of. Video, social media, article writing, blogging — anything that can be labeled or tagged with effective keywords. So, if you specialize in criminal, probate, family, divorce, estate planning, whatever, here’s some good advice that may increase your web site rank.

  1. Create short videos: Not talking about kitschy little home movies here, so don’t roll your eyes just yet. Check this out: If I were going to hire an attorney, it would help to know what they’re like in person. Just a few short HD videos. Nothing longer than 2 minutes of you explaining something really well: clear, lucid, compelling. Perhaps a legal concept that’s difficult to understand, but you know a simple way to explain it. Doesn’t have to be fancy or sound rehearsed. Just you being you. Off-the-cuff, in-the-moment type stuff. Yeah?
  2. Facebook: You may have tried this and then dumped it. Thought it was a waste of time. You might try it again. It’s still the dominant social media platform of the modern age. And here’s the other thing: you don’t have to post everyday. Maybe once a month or quarter. Something short and sweet: Talk about new government legislation that might change the legal landscape in some way; or maybe a really interesting legal case you just finished; or a really ornery client you had but you were able to appease them in a polite and professional way.
  3. News releases: If you have a case that’s been filed in the city or county clerk’s office that’s a matter of public record, and if your client is okay with it, generate a press release for the local newspaper(s). Send it to the city or regional editor. That way, you can get several thousands of people reading and interested in the case without much work. If it’s interesting enough, the story may be picked up by broadcast news/TV, which is even better.
  4. PPC through AdWords: If you have a landing page to promote a new service you just started offering (like estate planning, will preparation, etc), it’s a good idea to generate some quick looks by setting up an Adwords account. Those are those paid ads you see when you do web searches. They can drive a lot of business for you if they’re written well. It also help your web site’s page rank if the ad receives enough clicks.
  5. Blog: That’s right. I had to say it, didn’t I. Nothing will ever do you better than the written word. Blogging not only adds to your credibility, you might end up blogging about the exact subject a searcher out there is looking for. So, don’t pan it. Try it. Again.

Just know that whatever you go with, the object here is to get people clicking on your site. More clicks increase your site’s relevance, and the more relevant you seem, the higher your page rank. For instance, when I typed in “Famous American pop singers” last year, that singer Meghan Trainor popped up, either close to or at the very top of the search return page. About a fourth of all planet earth is all about that bass, just like she is. And with 2 billion-plus youtube clicks, it’s no wonder why.

So anyway, if you agree with anything I’ve said but don’t have time to do it yourself, contact Copystratic. We can help. No treble!


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